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I have tried to answer some questions you may have on this page. You can also post in the Message Forum.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is your editing process?
A. There are two levels of service. See comparison charts under the 'Services' page.

Q. What type of files do you require for editing?
A. Word only.

Q. What is the normal time frame for completion?
A. Time frames are on a job-by-job basis. You will be given an actual date upon submission. Typical time is 1 - 2 weeks. Rush jobs are available.

Q. Can I get a free quote?
A. Absolutely. Email editing@queenwriter.com and you will be contacted.

Q. How long is my free quote valid for?
A. 2 weeks.

Q. Can I get a price break?
A. If you are a repeat customer, then I offer a 10% discount.

Q. Is there a rush fee?
A. Yes. Add $150 to the base price for a 48 hour turnaround.

Q. How do I place an order?
A. Complete the 'To Order' form under the 'Services' page and  hit submit. You will then be contacted.  

Q. How do I pay?
A. I accept checks and payment via PayPal.

Q. How do I get a status update on my submission?
A. Status updates will be emailed to you on or before completion date given. Alternately, you may post your inquiry on the Message Forum and a response will be given.

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